Tree work on Frederikstraat

15 January 2018 pac

Last year we informed you about the activities that are needed in the Frederikstraat to solve the problems with the sidewalk. As indicated, the current trees can not be retained. Residents and entrepreneurs were asked to make a choice between three types of replacement trees and the majority chose the Pyrus calleryana Capital (an ornamental pear).

Unfortunately, the preparatory work took longer than planned, which is why it was decided to lift the work over the 2017 holidays.

This week (8 to 12 January 2018) the trees are cut down. A week later, the paving of the sidewalks around the tree holes is removed, after which they are re-laid. Naturally, the accessibility of the shops and catering industry is ensured during the work. After the repaving, the new trees will be planted as soon as possible.

Derk Hazekamp, ​​Public Space Working Group

(download letter recently delivered in and around the Frederikstraat)