Undisturbed spring in van Repelaer Park?

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11 March 2011 – Spring has sprung in Bosje van Repelaer. The central area is covered in a carpet of snowdrops, blue, purple and white crocuses are popping up everywhere and the first daffodils are cautiously opening their trumpets. Further back near Koninginnegracht, forsythia is beginning to come into bloom. It is a veritable medley of spring flowers. Although the trees are still pretty bare, the shrubs are already showing a green blush. The ponds of water created by the melting snow and the recent heavy rain have disappeared and the ferns are sprouting up again all over the place. While birdsong has taken over the wood completely, heralding in the joys of spring. A truly beautiful bit of nature bang in the middle of the city!

It is such a shame that in recent years vandals have regularly caused damage to this hidden haven. Not only the destruction of benches and fences, the litter and the noise but also the devastation caused by bikes and mopeds tearing all over the area. In order to keep this special natural resource in tact, metal barriers have been erected at both entrances to keep the cyclists and moped riders out. Not very attractive but hopefully they will prove effective. Perhaps a lick of green paint would help them blend in better with the surroundings. Although … Natural weathering will probably soon make them less conspicuous anyway.

Marianne van der Zalm – March 2011