Update on locations underground refuse containers in Archipel


Update 29 August:

Underground refuse containers (ORACS) will be installed in the Archipel neighbourhood. The Municipality has done research to find the most suitable locations. In some streets are too many underground pipes and cables. Malakkastraat is too narrow and therefore inaccessible to the refuse lorry.
On 26 July 2016 the Municipality published a letter and a streetplan with the proposed locations. This is not the definite plan, it is a draft and between 25 August and 5 October 2016  residents can send in reactions and suggestions. In our neighbourhood a taskforce led by Derk Hazekamp is watching the developments.
At a later date the Municipality will organize an informative evening.
The (Dutch) text of the letter can be found via this link: brief
A slightly larger rendering of the streetplan with the locations of the ORACs you will find via this link

When you want to send in a reaction:
– you can go to the Municipal website  at www.denhaag.nl/afval
– and at the bottom of the page click on EN for English
– at the top of the English page click on Contact
– and choose the way you want to communicate

Should you have sent your reaction before 25 August please do it again. Just to make sure. The Raad van State (Council of State) might not count your opinion as valid and in accordance with the procedure when it was not received within the appointed period 

28 July / 29 August 2016 (MM)


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