Vacancy: Editor for English website/newsletter

After five years Margreet Meijer, volunteer editor of the English A&W website, has decided to leave our team. She did her work very well and with much pleasure and we are sorry that we have to say goodbye.

We are now looking for an enthusiastic successor whose work will be: to translate the articles published on the Dutch website into English, select articles that will be of special interest to the expat readers and post them on the English website.  For this we use the programme ‘WordPress’. Every fortnight a newsletter with the most recent articles is sent out via Your Mailing List Provider.
‘WordPress’ and ‘YMLP’ are easy to use programmes; when you are not familiar with (one of) them the editors on the team will be glad to help you.

The articles on the Dutch site must have a connection with the Community Organisation of Archipel & Willemspark. For the English site this is not always strictly necessary: the expat community has also connections with their ‘national clubs’ outside our neighbourhood.
The present editorial team consists of 6 persons who are in charge of the Dutch and English versions of our website, the interviews with entrepreneurs and striking people in our neighbourhoud and the software that we use.

Would you like to be an editor/translator on the A&W website team?
Please send an email to:  stating your name, email address and telephone number and we will contact you.

12 July 2017, editorial board website