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6.9.19 pac



The Archipel & Willemspark Residents’ Organization has written an opinion based on the concept of the International Zone Area Vision.
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The Gebiedsvisie in het kort can be found below:

New area vision for the International Zone

The International Zone extends globally from the Landscheidingsweg to the Sportlaan and from the Statenkwartier / Van Stolkpark to the Archipelbuurt/Willemspark.
The area vision. The area vision sets the frameworks for future developments, for new and / or renovation, for traffic developments and for adaptation and addition of greenery based on a new spatial vision.
The area vision serves as a steering tool for future developments. The area vision has a duration of eight years (up to and including 2027), but also serves as an agenda for longer-term ambitions. The area vision can be consulted via the municipality’s website, administrative documents, and the appendix to RIS302402.
The spatial vision. The Hague intends to create an internationally competitive business climate in the International Zone, in which economic development and jobs can flourish and where strategic location policy contributes to the liveability of the area. The Hague wants to facilitate the further growth of the International Zone through densification, connection and adding spatial quality.
Compaction by allowing facilities and security measures to be shared, so that recognizable international sub-areas are created.
Link by facilitating better connections between organizations, with knowledge institutions and innovation clusters, with international and national economic hubs and mainports.
Add spatial quality by strengthening the landscape, by cleverly incorporating security measures, by high-quality architecture and by connecting to the DNA of the city.
Sub-areas.  By concentrating existing and new international organizations, four sub-areas arise: the World Forum area, the Criminal Court area and surrounding area, the Peace Palace and surrounding area (including the location of the Police and Square Headquarters 1813) and the International Boulevard. The last two sub-areas are particularly important for our neighborhood.
But first the World Forum area. It may prove important for our district that the Teldersweg / Johan de Wittlaan route will be improved by constructing an uneven crossroads with the Scheveningseweg, which will promote the flow on the Northwestern Main Route.
The Peace Palace and surroundings.  More accessibility for the public of the (refurbished) Peace Palace and its gardens gives the location greater significance. This requires the construction of a pleasant (green) residential square. The Carnegieplein is therefore made car-free, so that a large square is created that connects directly to the gardens of the Peace Palace. New restaurants near or on the square provide extra liveliness, also in the evenings, making the square an integral part of the urban network of places to stay.
The locations of the Police Headquarters and the NICB are development locations for the establishment of international organizations with relevance to the Peace Palace function.
Square 1813 can become an even more monumental green park ensemble through the application of integrated area protection. The area will then only be accessible to local traffic, tram, cyclists and pedestrians. And a perfect place for small international organizations, such as embassies with a high level of security.
The International Boulevard comprises the Koningskade, Raamweg, Plesmanweg and the area around Madurodam and in the future forms the connection between the Central Innovation District (the triangle between the three stations in The Hague, CID) and the International zone, Scheveningen harbor and Scheveningen Bad. We are looking for options to optimize the connection function by:
• the construction of a high-frequency public transport system (light rail) with a junction (HUB) between the Hubertus viaduct and Madurodam and an automatic transport system to Benoordenhout and the international criminal court
• the improvement of the slow traffic network (cyclists and pedestrians) with better cycling and pedestrian crossing over the Raamweg.
The International Boulevard also offers the perfect place where various facilities can be facilitated by developments around the current building of Rijkswaterstaat on the Koningskade (nr.4), the location of the current Shell campus and the development of various facilities on the Koninginnegracht.

Willem Vader, member of the Spatial Planning working group