Vredeskapel Volunteers’ Meeting – 18 January


From June 2014 De Vredeskapel will no longer function as a church. A workinggroup is looking into the possibilities to turn the building into a Home in the Neighbourhood for cultural, social and religious activities. The Vredeskapel Foundation is in consultation with the owner of the building.

For the time being one as to work with a small budget. To develop plans volunteers will be indispensable. To share the developments sofar, a meeting took place Saturday 18 January. There were about 50 participants, who not only came to listen, but are willing to join in the work.

Information was given in 5 categories:


Reception:  acting as host/hostess, opening the building, serving drinks and snacks, clean up afterwards

Finances: financial policy, book-keeping, drawing up contracts, fund-raising

Communication and Public relations: contacting newspapers, radiostations and other media about activities in De Vredeskapel; websites, flyers, osters, etc.

Maintenance of the building and garden. Supervising what can be done by volunteers and what should be contracted out. Upkeep of the inside of the building, furniture,etc.


Activities: consultation with authorities in the neighbourhood and the Municipality. Acquisition and consultation with potential partners in the neighbourhood.

When you would like to join the team of volunteers, please e-mail info@vredeskapel.nl and state your name, address and telephone number and the activity you would like to join. We will then contact you. Please feel welcome to contribte to “De Vredeskapel Home in the Neighbourhood”.

19 January 2014, CJP