What is in the vitrine?

Boek Kinderrechten

For whomever wonders how come the vitrine in Bankastraat (next to the hairdresser) is dedicated to the book Children who have changed the world: on 20 November, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child exists for 25 years. The publisher and resident of the neighbourhood Peter de Ruiter has chosen this moment to make public this book with stories on 22 children who stood up against injustice or who have become symbols due to the injustice brought upon them. Think of Malala, think of Anne Frank. Floris van Straaten of NRC Handelsblad, also resident of the neighbourhood, is one of the writing contributors to this book, together with the well known historian Els Kloek (whose brother lives in the neighbourhood). The book is presented on the same day at the Library of Rotterdam, where there is also an exhibition on children. This exhibition is to be seen at the Library of The Hague from 9 April to 5 May 2015. More information can be found on www.ikverandermee.nl . Primera on Bankastraat sells the book, as well as other (internet) bookshops.

20 November 2014, Peter de Ruiter (DP)