Who were we back in 2008?

“We” being the residents of Archipel and Willemspark. There are 5,705 in Archipel and 1,336 in Willemspark (1 January 2008 figures).  In both cases, slightly down on last year. Among us in Archipel and Willemspark respectively, 18% /10% are under 20 and 16% / 13% over 65. The make-up of the district’s population is 63% / 57% Dutch or indigenous (as a opposed to The Hague as a whole, which is 54%) and the rest is almost all foreigners of Western origin.

In District 05: the Archipel, the composition of households was 55.8% single inhabitants, 25% cohabitants without children, 15.1% cohabitants with children and 4.2% single-parent families. In District 47: Willemspark, there are 62.8% single inhabitants, 25.6% cohabitants without children, 8.3% cohabitants with children and 3.3% single-parent families. We do not like to move house, we do it less than the average Hagenaar. More people did however leave our district than moved in.

In 2004, a family in the Archipel had an average income of €36,500, as opposed to €26,500 in The Hague as a whole. Willemspark came in at virtually the same, €36,400.

Families live in 3,494 / 1,057 homes (1 January 2009 figures). The average price (based on 2005 WOZ price levels) of a single-family dwelling was €737,682 / €448,806, and apartments €260,608 / €275,856. The price the homes actually sold for were slightly higher. In 2007, 124 of the existing housing stock were sold in the Archipel. The average overall sale price being €566,542: for single-family properties the average price €948,953 and for apartments €403,907. In Willemspark, 40 homes were sold for an average price of €336,000 per property. Very few single-family properties were sold in Willemspark, there are obviously a lot less of them. Apartements on average made €297,234.

Yet more figures

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more which you can check out for yourself by going to:

www.denhaag.nl / Feiten en Cijfers / Den Haag in cijfers / Online / Wijkrapporten

Did you think that you could live anonymously among the masses in the big city? You’ve been counted, measured and priced down to the most minutest detail …