Will the UnDutchables win the next Sherlock Holmes pub quiz?

Have you ever been to the pub quiz at the Sherlock Holmes?  A team called ‘Shit on the Villa’ wins it every time and needless to say they don’t take themselves too seriously. Last month, however, a team of young Dutch students, calling themselves the ‘UnDutchables’, started a coup for the title. It’s almost like watching the BBC’s University Challenge except these guys go to University College in Utrecht not Cambridge. ‘Who built the Statue of Liberty?’ we were asked. I joked Mr. Eiffel and ended up writing Rodin.

Not so with the UnDutchables, they disagreed with the correct answer, which was in fact Mr. Eiffel (!), and argued with the quiz-master. One disgruntled UnDutchable said, ‘It is a very common misconception that Mr. Eiffel built the Statue of Liberty when in fact he built only the inner structure; it was Frederic Bartholdi who designed it.’ If you do take on the UnDutchables be warned; they are not kidding around, but they do have great comedy value nevertheless!

The next pub quiz at The Sherlock Holmes is on 26 April from 20.00 till 23.00.

Next-door neighbour, Hedda