Work on gas connections – Stedin

15 March 2018 pac

Recently the contractor BAM for Stedin (the network operator in our region) started remediation work at the Laan Copes van Cattenburgh and the Burgemeester Patijnlaan in The Hague.  Stedin replaces the low pressure gas pipe and the house connections that are connected to the part that is being replaced. The gas connections within the buildings will be renewed here.

A first bump during the work: the gas pipe is located under the chestnut trees along the Burgemeester Patijnlaan so that an alternative route has been determined for that part with the municipality. This will mean, however, that there is some run-off on the schedule, but the intention is that all work will be completed before the construction holiday this year.

The houses that are on the list for the work are:

Borneostraat 95 t/m 99, 151 and 177 t/m 183
Burgemeester Patijnlaan 61 t/m 67 and 1900, 1927 t/m 1930 t/m 1938
Koninginnegracht 73
Laan Copes van Cattenburgh 40 t/m 68, 69 t/m 73, 74 t/m 86, 89, 90 t/m 100, 101 t/m 147

Appointments will be made with all residents to schedule the indoor work.