Work on Paramaribostraat – September through December


Construction work on Paramaribostraat and part of Surinamestraat begins 4 September 2017 and will continue through December 2017.


      What will be done?
  •  sidewalk paving
  • repositioning the vowels lane
  • widening lanes
  • sidewalk narrowing from house numbers 2 to 20
  • inserting bicycle brackets
  • sewer connections to houses will be replaced
  • tree planting
  • 30 km per hour zone set-up with thresholds
Planning.  The work is in phases. The 1st phase begins at Paramaribostraat at the intersection with the Surinamestraat near house numbers 7 and 9. The activities are in the direction of the Laan Copes of Cattenburch.
Nuisance and accessibility.  The nuisance factors include that parts of the sidewalk and lane are closed. The municipality is placing fences down where work is being done. The municipality will also lay down wooden walkways so homes and businesses remain accessible.  When replacing the house connections, you can not flush the toilet for 2 hours. The contractor will let residents know in advance when this will happen.


For residents:
* Park your car somewhere else
* Parking your car only in the parking areas
* Remove obstacles such as bicycles and flowerbeds
* Remove overhanging greenery at the sidewalk or lane
Safety.  The municipality works as safely as possible. Nevertheless, areas of work remain dangerous places. Tell children not to play around here.
Garbage.  During the work, the road is not accessible to the garbage truck. Place the garbage at the corner of the street at the yellow signs. Also use this place for your bulky trash.


More information For questions about the work, contact the supervisor J. Schouten by telephone (0174) 21 38 37.

18 September 2017