Working for sustainability in the community

December 2011 – They share the same premises at the corner of Riouwstraat/Koninginnegracht: the Klimaatfonds Haaglanden and the Foundation Wereldkinderen, and have recently completed an interesting project to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Klimaatfonds (climate funds) was set up in 2009 and is an initiative of the Municipality of The Hague and the Platform Duurzaam Den Haag to promote climate-friendly working and living in The Hague by providing funds for local projects (for example the Gemeentemuseum) aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

The two directors unveil the ‘environmentally friendly organisation’ plaque in the hallway on 14 October 2011.

The project with the Wereldkinderen Foundation involved replacing old fluorescent tube lighting with energy-saving fixtures. As far as possible the original fittings have been renovated and converted in line with the ‘cradle to cradle’ or ‘C2C’ approach: to create as little waste as possible and to reuse materials. The lighting fixtures at Riouwstraat 191 now meet the latest energy-saving standards and are suitable for the extremely energy efficient T5 bulbs/tubes.

What is interesting is that the C2C approach has been applied throughout the project. The contractor who carried out the work was GreenFox, a company specialized in helping customers save up to 60% on their electricity bill by renovating existing lighting fixtures, and in turn GreenFox worked with a number of specially trained employees of the Municipal Council’s Haeghe Groep (HGR), a sheltered workshop with many thousands of employees with employment disabilities.

All together a demonstrable reduction of 225 (metric) tons of CO2.


Extract from the article ‘Duurzaam in de wijk Werken’
A&W Community Newspaper, December 2011
Translation: Webteam

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