Workshops Indian cooking

Learn some easy to prepare, nutritious and impressive dishes for sophisticated everyday cooking highlighting recipes from different parts of India like dal (lentils), palak paneer (spinach with cottage cheese), biryani (rice), kebabs etc. The mouth- watering recipes are easily adaptable to other vegetables, pulses, grains or even meat, fish and poultry, if you are cooking for friends and family at home.
Do you wish to surprise someone with an original gift? Give them something they’ll never forget! You can choose a date, time and also the style and menu perfect for your friends.

The workshops will be organized at my home on Saturdays from 6 pm till 10 p.m.
The cost is €50 per person per workshop. If you participate in 3 sessions, you will get 10% discount.

If you are interested, please contact me on my mobile: 06 5588 3510 or email
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